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Privacy Fence
​Do you enjoy strolling in your backyard or taking a dip in your pool? All of these things are quite enjoyable-when you’re not exposed for the world to see. Privacy is a touchy subject. There are a lot of people who would go too far just to protect their private lives, after all who wants to expose their everyday lives to every person who passes by their house?

​But sadly, it’s not as if you can jump on a ship and go to your own private island and live there all alone. No man is an island and human contact is necessary. Humans tend to flock together in a certain place and you are bound to have neighbors who would be able (intentionally or not) to snoop around your business. So many feuds have happened because of neighbors accusing one another of trespassing across their properties to spy or steal things. You can’t very well live in spite with each other, so what’s the best solution to this problem? Putting up a fence.

Back in the days, people made use of a moat (that’s a ditch filled with water) to protect their territories. People would only be able to get in through a bridge (controlled from the inside) or by swimming in the moat (but usually it has some sort of sea serpent in it). Today, there is no need to go through such difficulty with the use of a fence. A fence can prevent trespassers from easy entry to your property. 

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